Pakistan Cyber Force: Mujahideen destroy General Dempsey's Aircraft at Bagram Airbase

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mujahideen destroy General Dempsey's Aircraft at Bagram Airbase

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Several rockets fired on a USZ terrorist invaders' airbase in Afghanistan early on Tuesday damaged the aircraft of America's top military officer and left several American soldiers dead and wounded, the officers said. One of the rockets fired caused hit and destroyed the C-17 used by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the USZ Joint Chiefs of Staff, who later fled the base to save his life using another plane. Dempsey had been visiting Kabul to meet commanders of the NATO-led force and Afghan top puppet brass amid a surge in assaults by Afghan security personnel on their international terrorist colleagues.

USZ Zionist President Barack Obama, who spoke to Dempsey before the attack by phone while he was in Kabul, said Monday the United States was watching the rise in insider attacks with "deep concern", telling a White House news conference: "Obviously, we have to do more." NATO and American officers have suggested that the Afghan government has failed to come to grips with the problem. The attacks are unprecedented in USZ military history and they have spawned so much mistrust that foreign troops have been ordered to be armed at all times, even within bases, officers said. Afghan authorities have adopted more rigorous vetting of recruits and NATO has bolstered counter-intelligence but the measures have failed to stem the problem. NATO has about 130,000 terrorist invaders trying to somehow occupy Afghanistan, but they are due to pull out in 2014 and now work increasingly with the Afghans they are training to take over. Dempsey, on the first leg of a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, said the insider violence would not alter the timetable for withdrawal or the coalition's emphasis on cooperating with Afghan recruits. But the growing number of attacks is likely to add to pressure in NATO nations for an early exit from the increasingly unpopular conflict, now nearly 11 years old and America's longest war.

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