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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Tribute to SAFMA (the Loyal Dogs) from Indian Masters

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On behalf of the masters of SAFMA, namely the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Baniya Terror Safe Havens of New Delhi:

Dear SAFMA, we are highly obliged of your meritorious services rendered to our outstanding democratic state of barbarism - India. We are glad that you are contributing with all your brilliance to enforce and extend our agenda in our most hated nuclear armed Islamic state of Pakistan, unfortunately our neighbour too. You deserve a loud applause for your unflinching efforts. Your services are highly appreciable in all regards in crippling the ideological basis of Pakistan. Following of your highly esteemed services need special mention:

1) Hurting the ideological basis of Pakistan to the grass root level and offering brilliant resistance in imposing the most unwanted Islamic clauses in the constitution of Pakistan.

2) Manipulating the weak, confused minds of the already confused masses and leading them astray from essence of Islam and persuading them towards nudity, vulgarity, obstinacy and profanity.

3) Paralyzing the masses and making them slaves of the New World Order who hypnotically follow our funded media whether it be print or electronic.

4) Creating  one sided feelings of peace and harmony among the blind Pakistani masses under the umbrella of 'Aman ki Asha'.

5) Dazzling the idiotic Pakistani masses with our gross dances and pornographic movies to such an extent that even the massacre of their Kashmiri brothers and physical abuse of their Muslim sisters at the hands of our forces, leaves no impact on the soulless mainstream followers.

6) Developing an insane herd of sheep, namely the wannabee youth which feels irritated when talked about the Islamic essence of Pakistan, the founder of Pakistan or the visionary of Pakistan; deploying a herd of all knowing pseudo intellectuals who brainwash the idiots with their self righteous analysis.

7) Making the blind sheeple mainstream masses of Pakistan realize that we are their only friends, without the exchange of pornographic culture they would always remain a terrorist, backward state while we continue to backstab them in their naivety.

8) The fifth Columnists we have enrolled in higher ranks are doing an excellent work by trecherously maneuvering the truth and blatantly mixing with deceptive theories, keeping the moronic followers in mass illusion.

9) Supporting each and every cause that hurts our arch rival Pakistan to the core through our purchased lawyers analysts, writers, TV anchors, researchers, whether it be the case of disintegrating Balochistan, whether it be Shakeel Afridi, Afia Siddiqui or any other..

10) Our planted "Humanatarian" goons are doing a wonderful job under the guise of "Human Rights Activists" and "HRCP" or any other Social NGO for human welfare by actually killing the humanity in deception!

Each and every planted thug is doing a beautiful job for a just cause; the dismemberment of Pakistan at least on the ideological basis. We would like to express our especial gratitude to the following employees for their extra ordinarily loyal services in hurting the sick neighbor:
  • Fifth columnists
Najam Sethi, Mira Sethi, Beena Sarwer, Nusrat Javed, Raza Rumi, Jahanzaib Haque, Hamid Mir, Ali Chishti etc and the entire Express Tribune Team. 
  • TV anchors
Sana Bucha, Asma Sherazi, Hamid Mir
  • The high ranking saboteurs
Hussain Haqqani (The Haqqani network), Asma Jahangir, Najam Sethi, Farahnaz Ispahani, Marvi Sirmed, Imitiaz Alam 

If you continue to render all your services with the same devotion and sold out zealous stance, we would surely increase your payroll manifold within a very short time, owing to your loyalty. 

Your Masters,
RAW and Baniya Terror Safe Havens of New Delhi.

Pakistan Cyber Force



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