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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An open letter to 'Pakistanis' from 'Pakistan'

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Assalam-o-Alaikum, I am Pakistan.

Although I was physically born on the 14th of August 1947 but ideologically when the first Hindu entered the premises of Islam. Ever since my birth, 65 years have passed yet for some reason, I stand alone.  In these 65 years, I saw both ebb and flow but as a matter of fact I faced more hardships than  joys. Even after covering 65 years of my life, I feel myself feeble, lonely and friendless. At times I feel that I was born old, there is an aged man hidden inside me from day one, may be because I used to dwell in the hearts of many people from a very long time. 65 years is a great span of life to achieve something, to get standing at a peak where others have to raise their heads to see you. Ain't it? But sighs... I have my friend China, who was just around 2 years younger than me but now excels me in every aspect of her life, so much that now she's going to be the great super power of the world while I, the elder one would stand behind her. This is indeed saddening for me.  I feel depressed and gloomy whenever I  ponder upon the factors and the reasons behind my lagging behind.

I was born to a great person, Jinnah, who had turned Quaid-e-Azam by that time. Indeed he was a man of matchless attributes. Just and honest -- fair and dignified. His highly esteemed character compelled even his worst enemies to pay him utmost respect and honour. He was the great Quaid -- My beloved founding father! I was just a year old when my beloved father departed from this world and left me alone among angels and devils.  I remember, although I was small, but I could still recall how chaste, compassionate and modest Quaid was. He was a man of great salvation. His connection with Allah (God) and the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) was highly mystical and fascinating. Many a times, I saw him prostrated, miserably crying like a child in solitude. That sight used to be heart-touching and soul-shaking by God. It used to make my eyes fill with tears too. 

When I grew a little bigger, I slowly learnt how Jinnah transformed to Quaid. It was due to the blessed relationship with Iqbal that Jinnah turned to Quaid. Iqbal whom the wise call a great man of Allah, a faqeer, darwaish and a mard-e-Qalander (saint) was a direct mentor of my Quaid. Iqbal was the person who did spiritual upbringing of Quaid and trained him to be the soldier of Allah. From Quaid's brought up one could easily imagine how spiritual, mystical and pious his mentor would have been. 

My founding father along with his companions; Liaqat Ali Khan, Sardar Abdurrab Nishtar etcetra laid my foundation on purely Islamic basis. They wanted my social model to be based upon Islamic socialism and my economy to be free from  western model of interest and Riba based economy. By birth, I had essence of Islam in my roots which I inherited from my founding fathers so my inclination towards Islam was magnificent. 

After the departure of my founding fathers, I was left alone in the hands of my steps. At some point in time I was also hijacked totally and completely by the foreign forces who caused a severe damage to my Ideological and spiritual essence. Today I lag behind only because I was maltreated by my steps who compelled me to do what I was not meant for. 

They put me into debates of democracy and dictatorship not realizing this could be highly hazardous for me. They imposed democracy on me which was against my nature and I could no longer keep my people prosper, happy and contented. This democracy brought looting and plunder on a wide scale on my ground and I kept watching silently. It brought anarchy, chaos and bloodshed and I kept weeping tears of blood. It snatched justice, law and order from my land and I could do nothing. The most heartless and cruel thing my fosters could do to me was imposing Secularism on my sacred land. I was forced to see gayism, lesbianism, homosexuality, dance parties, night pubs get common while my heart used to bleed. The ladies of my land who were once honored and regarded more than that of any other land, depraved their own self by welcoming and embracing the evil of secularism. 

My childhood neighbor India, who on her own took me as an enemy whereas I used to cherish her as a friend, actually turned into my worst enemy for some reason I was unaware of. Whenever I extended a friendship hand towards her, she would hurt me by stabbing in my back. Eventually I started disliking  & avoiding her. During the reign of Democracy, the cruel rulers and so called champions of Secularism started selling me to India for a few dollars. They compromised my waters to India, leaving my people to starve out, my economy dwindling. They deployed a media on my land which was a direct mouth piece of India and used to propagate lies and deception against me. It also imported India's nasty ideology and Hindu culture to corrupt my unwise nation. 

There also existed a heap of pseudo intellectuals on my land who were anti-Islam and pro-Secularism in nature and aimed at weakening my ideological roots. They abused my Quaid by tagging him secular and propagating lies against him in large number. They also wanted to eliminate the existence of Iqbal from my land in order to mark him irrelevant. This all was being done through a sinister conspiracy plotted against me very cunningly but I stood silent; all alone. 

Later, the dirty leadership combined with the secular pseudo intellectuals and the fifth columnist media started maligning and undermining my only guardians - the armed forces of my land. I could always feel to the core of my heart how selflessly and zealously my Jawans used to protect my borders and my soil against the Hindu or any other aggression. 

This all shook my roots and always hurdled me in my way to progress. Quaid laid the foundation of my progress in Islamic socialism. Once it was uprooted from me, expecting me to progress was absurd. You might be thinking despite so much resistance and opposition, even after so many endeavors to shatter me, I still stand safe and protected with my nuclear assets and will keep standing safe like this. How? I know the secret behind it.

I am a blessed land who has the shadow of special blessing of Rasool Allah (s.a.w.w) upon and I'm destined to do what all other countries are not. Despite the fact that mostly corrupt regimes have ruled me, I am hopeful that one day I'll be ruled and owned by Patriots who would be Nigah Buland, sukhan dilnawaz, jaan pursooz. Who would be sweet and tender among friends and hard as an Iron among enemies. I know who they are, where they are. Had I not been foretold about the brightest of futures I have, I would have collapsed in the very beginning. Since I know my destiny, my faith never fades away. In the future you'll witness me as a bulwark of Islam, leading the United states of Islam under one flag. Those who love and live for me will  witness my victory in Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Now the choice is yours, either you want to be my loyal, stand on the right side of history, help build and enhance my ideological grounds in order to strengthen me as a whole or deceive and betray me like the depraved tens of thousands of people did. Remember, if you betray me, you'll be deadly reckoned by Allah in the hereafter, after all I was consigned to you by Allah and His beloved Rasool Allah (s.a.w.w).

Written by: Xharaf Vsm 
Pakistan Cyber Force

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  1. Excellent work xharaf. May this stir up the souls of many directionless people and give them the right direction and purpose!


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