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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Am I a Muslim Child / a Muslim Parent?

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These days very often an upsetting cry is heard from the parents of the modern youth: "My child is getting weak in studies"  Not only Parents but also teachers get upset due to the hopelessness prevailing in today's youth. They are seen indulged in pathetic activities as they reach their puberty. Out of 75% in a class of a regular institute only 25% are seen ambitious towards their goals. The majority 75% is seen heavily pretending to be cooler and smarter than the second one. Deliberately or impulsively becoming a useless, hopeless wannabe case.

Every child is as precious as gold to the parents. Parents don't expect any return of the infinite sacrifices they make for their children. But they only expect to see their child as a successful and honourable person in the coming years of their life. They actually are totally selfless for their children. They not only fulfill their studies expenditures, suppressing their own needs but also do extra efforts to solace their child according to the trends of present age. Yet when there are hidden tears in the eyes of mother, and father's face lacking a proud smile, on the collection of the result of their ward. That very moment is very cruel for the parents and unfortunate for the child. A child doesn't get weak in studies rather, he actually loses his interest. A child being weak from the very beginning due to his caliber is a different case. But rationally Allah Almighty has blessed almost everyone with good caliber and skills.
  • Question that seeks attention is, "Why does the child lose his interest? "Did the parents ever try to observe their activities?"
Girls pass their entire day after school or college in front of the television watching either indecent soups, serials or either bollywood movies full of vulgarity. The boys are wandering aimlessly in streets or malls doing idiotic things.

I don't mean to say that the children should become like angels. But being rational and sensible is the key. For once, if you ponder over the entertainment you yourself, provide your children. You won't find yourself sensible anymore. You think making your child watch "saas bahu ki saazishien or vulgar and cheap Veena Malik in Big Boss" will help in some character building of your child?

They have indulged us heavily in their own singing and dancing so that our eyes can be closed. I wonder why don't people realize it by now at minimum. Ok if it's any consolation, this project of the bhindians is called OPERATION BLUE TULSI and they started working on it since 1992 with the launch of ZTV. Believe it or not but ZTV was specifically designed to infiltrate the Pakistani society and mind set.

The idea behind this mission was to destroy all moral and ethical values of the Pakistani youth, which would eventually effect the Army and thus making it easier for the Indian Army to destroy it.

Sonia Gandhi told her Army chief during Kargil time, we don't need to invade Pakistan we are already in their living rooms. It's been more than 10 years and at least 20 channels since then, so do the math. Being well informed and letting some one else know is NOT hate. This is the lethal reality. You don't want to admit it, its your choice.

Our Founding Father Quaid-e-Azam R.A took a pledge from the youth of the new state of Pakistan that, "You must devote yourself whole-heartedly to your studies, for that is your first obligation to yourselves, your parents and to your state" Is this how we are keeping the promise of our Quaid? We still do not have a progressive literacy rate in our country.

For everything the children can not be accused. The parents are equally responsible for the poor academic and character building of their children. Parents on their part have also forgotten the purpose of a Muslim marriage. It lays a spiritual and legal foundation for raising a sound family on Islamic principles.

Prophet Muhammed s.a.w said, "When the servant of Allah marries, he has fulfilled half the (responsibilities laid on him by the) faith; so let him be God conscious with respect to the other half". (Mishkat)
Where as in a Muslim society a family is being raised but where are the Islamic Principles? A child is taught from the cradle of mother. When the mother's cradle is not providing him a sound Islamic environment, how do you expect him to become a refined person when he grows up? If we develop in them a love for Islam and provide them with righteous examples for their heroes, they will be much less likely to go astray. A person wants to be like his heroes. If he admires Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Abu Bakr r.a etc he will try to follow their example. If he admires a rock star or a gang leader, he will want to be like them. If we inspire our children with good examples, when they are tempted to do wrong, they will, InshaAllah, remember these examples and remain steadfast.

It's not that my perception is that of narrow mindedness. We greatly admire the progress and development of Europe. Did we ever begin to think what's the key to their success? It's not half naked apparels, it's not illicit relations, it's neither singing nor dancing but it's their KNOWLEDGE!
Now when I have tried to show you the ugly but real phase of the picture. You have to decide with opened eyes and brains, is it just to bring up your child in the shadows of rivals of Islam? Either stop being pseudo Muslims or either stop calling yourself a Muslim! The ball is in your court.



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