Pakistan Cyber Force: Egypt Explodes over Obama's Plan to Destroy Israhell; MOSSAD, GIS crackdown against MB

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Egypt Explodes over Obama's Plan to Destroy Israhell; MOSSAD, GIS crackdown against MB

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Barack Obama
Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is reporting today that Israhell’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad) and Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) have begun an unprecedented joint crackdown in both Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula against forces loyal to and backing the Muslim Brotherhood whose leader Mohamed Morsi was recently overthrown in a coup d’etat.

Even more startling, according to this report and confirmed by the Wall Street News Service, Israhelli and Egyptian intelligence forces are presently engaged in a “growing, sensitive relationship” against what they both claim is their main enemy, US President Barack Obama.

On 3 July, this report continues, General and Commander in Chief of Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi (more commonly known as General Sisi), staged a coup d’etat against President Morsi after being presented with evidence provided by Mossad proving that President Obama had signed a secret agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood to give 40% of the Sinai Peninsula to the terror organization Hamas in exchange for $8 billion that has already been paid to the Muslim Brotherhood by Obama.

As first aired to the Egyptian nation by Arabic News Channel TV14 and reported on by Egypt Daily News following President Morsi’s ouster [see video HERE], this GRU report says, the terms of this agreement between Obama and Muslim Brotherhood were:
  • SECRET agreement between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood (not the Egyptian government) to give 40% of the Sinai and the annexation of that part of Egyptian territory in Gaza. The objective is to facilitate the conclusion of a comprehensive peace agreement betweenIsrahell and the Palestinians 
  • This agreement was signed by Khairat el-Shater (number 2 of the Muslim Brotherhood) by Morsi and the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
  • A sum of U.S. $ 8 billion was paid in exchange for the land.
Following this stunning revelation to the Egyptian people following Morsi’s ouster, this report says, the Obama regime has attempted to reach an agreement with General Sisi offering recognition of the legitimacy of the coup d’etat in exchange for his silence about this secret agreement.

In what this GRU report calls an even “stranger move” by the Obama regime, President Obama sent two of Americas most notorious neocons, Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to negotiate with General Sisi and threatening to suspend all US aid unless Morsi was reinstated and the secret agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood was kept silent about, a message no one in Obama’s Democratic Party said they would deliver.

Important to note about these neocons, this report continues, is that they have plunged the United States into total global war over the past 12 years costing hundreds of thousands of lives and costing trillions of dollars while at the same time turning the once free America into what is described today as a modern day police state.

Most stunning about these neocons is that their plan for total Middle East conquest was openly revealed by former US Army General Wesley Clark who warned that American people [see video HERE] that barely a fortnight after the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States that the Pentagon had prepared invasion plans for Iraq and had during the next few weeks drawn up plans to destroy the nations of Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Iran too.

As to Obama’s “grand strategy” in massively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian people, this GRU report says, is nothing short of the destruction of the Jewish State  of Israhell, which with his appointment of Samantha Power to the United Nations as US Ambassador “clearly shows” that the Obama regime is headed towards a “dangerous climax” with what had formerly been two of their most stalwart Middle Eastern allies, Israhell and Egypt.

The “master plan” developed by Ambassador Power, Russian military experts in this report say, is to create an “iron wall of terror” around Israhell, and which Obama’s secret agreement with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood would help accelerate, thus necessitating the need for American combat troops to invade the Jewish State and reestablish the 1967 borders recognized by the United Nations.

Ambassador Power’s “master plan” was first outlined by her when she was the Chairman of Obama’s new Atrocities Prevention Board and called for the US to pour combat troops into Israhelli-controlled territory in order to end abuses she said were being committed by both sides in the Palestinian-Israhelli conflict.

Having placed Israhell’s leader on par with Yasser Arafat, Ambassador Power further called for massive US military intervention on behalf of the Palestinians, to impose a solution in defiance of Israhell and its American supporters thus preparing to spend billions of dollars that would be shifted from Israhell’s security to the upkeep of a “mammoth protection force” and a Palestinian state—all in the name of American “principles.”

Israhell’s National News Service Arutz Sheva is further reporting today that President Obama has repudiated the 2004 letter sent to then Prime Minister Sharon by President George W. Bush guaranteeing Israhelli security, and has, instead, engineered a plan to destroy Israhell, and as we can read as Arutz Sheva reports:
“This [Bush] letter affirmed, inter alia, that “as part of a final peace settlement, Israhell must have secure and recognized borders, which should emerge from negotiations between the parties in accordance with UNSC Resolutions 242 and 338.” Noticeably absent was any reference to the Saudi Plan, which required full withdrawal to the 1949 arbitrary armistice lines. The letter also contained a commitment that “the United States will do its utmost to prevent any attempt by anyone to impose any other plan”.
By repudiating this letter as a U.S. commitment, President Obama opened the way for a settlement to be imposed according to the Saudi Plan, rather than Res 242. He has since come out in support of a solution based on the pre-‘67 lines plus swaps.”

As Egypt descends into bloody chaos, this GRU report concludes, and with Israhell now in the Obama regimes “crosshairs,” the fate of our entire world does indeed “stand in the balance” today as Russian political and military analysts see no likelyhood whatsoever that the Israhellis will give in to President Obama without a fight… and like the events of 9/11 seemingly showed… even it means attacking America itself.
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