Pakistan Cyber Force: Leaked: Geo Demands $3.0m from US to run campaign against Hudood Ordinance, Judiciary

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leaked: Geo Demands $3.0m from US to run campaign against Hudood Ordinance, Judiciary

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This is LEAKED Document from Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation ( I.I Chandigarh which is the governing NGO of Jang / Geo Group). This Document was Submitted to the Bureau 0f Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), United States Department of State on 30th June 2013 for Access to Justice: Media Campaign – “A Proposal to change judiciary according to Geo / Jang Group’s willingness with the blessing of US as 3 Million $$$ Donation

MKRF foundation claiming in their own document about running different campaigns in PAKISTAN. Ironically, Campaign against Islamic laws (Hudood ordinance) and Aman Ki Asha are the most proudly owned in this document. What a Pakistani Channel Campaigning against Islamic Laws the very existence of Pakistan. The reality of Aman Ki Asha was also revealed through media commission report two weeks before and now can be proved yet again through MKRF Document. Anyone including Salim Safi and Ansar Abbasi still have any doubt that GEO is foreign funded for running campaigns in Pakistan. If still GEO employees claims that they are Patriotic nationalists then they are all part of this conspiracy against Pakistan.

Interesting part of this purposed document that they are planing against judiciary and lawyers from October 2013 when current Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhary will depart from the scene! Currently you will see no twist or speak about judiciary on Geo / Jang Group but what they planned against Judiciary in October is presented to you here Right Now.

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