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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why the Top American General in Afghanistan is Disappointed: Afghan Mujahideen Report

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The American General, Joseph Dunford has shown his disappointment in his recent interview about the situation inside Afghanistan. Just like the electuary of Greece medicine, in his western style mixed statement, he has combined dry & wet, warm & cold i.e. padding or worthless stuff in a very unbalanced way and has unintentionally insinuated to the rapid decline of the ailing and incompetent admin of Kabul. He has said that, “Significant progress has been made there but it is not sustainable by now.” This is an obvious fact that the decline and survival of this false progress is connected with the decline and survival of the present Kabul admin, rather there is a logical co-relation between the two.

It seems that the operations started in the name of ‘Khalid-bin-Waleed’ have wiped out the fighting morale of the NATO forces and it has lowered down the vehemence of the American General to naught, therefore, his expressions are self-contradictory, unbalanced and totally against the ground realities just like a psychically ailing person. There is a saying amongst the Pashtoons (the Pashto speaking community) that if you are not willing to fight, cling to the biggest stone. This general has vigorously mentioned 2018 instead of 2014.

What is that significant progress which has been pointed out by the American General? The American souvenirs to the Afghan Nation were only destruction, killing and murder, looting and plunder, immodesty and impudence, corruption, insecurity, lingual and racial bigotry in the dark period of previous 12 years’ occupation. Imposition of Kabul regime against the will of the people might be a significant progress according to the above mentioned General, because, by sacrificing a large number of American troops and spending countless dollars, they established such a privileged admin which twice won first position for Afghanistan in the international rivalry; first in corruption, bribery and deceit; second in the cultivation and business of narcotics and insecurity.

General Joseph has utilized contradictory words in his interview. On one side, he seems disappointed and says that if the international community does not maintain its pressure, they will lose achieving their so-called ‘democracy’. This is a clear signal that if there are no invading forces, the Kabul regime will immediately collapse. It is true because this admin has no public support. On the other side, he thinks the so called military and police force of Kabul admin, powerful enough and says that they rely upon the capability of the Afghan forces and they can arrange security for the presidential election of 2014. It means that he is mistaken in his earlier expressions.

The chief commander of the invaders has advised the Afghans in the last part of his interview and has added that the Afghans should reach reconciliation with all those who want to come back. This pitiable guy does not understand that the Afghans do not pay any heed to the enemy’s expressions; rather they are determined to kick out the alien forces from their motherland.

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