Pakistan Cyber Force: Afghanistan: Dozens of Terrorist Invaders, 50 Puppets Killed; Several Tanks wrecked

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Afghanistan: Dozens of Terrorist Invaders, 50 Puppets Killed; Several Tanks wrecked

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LOGAR, June 25 -  As many as 25 Arbakis including commanders Sabz Ali and Ghufran have been killed and several more wounded in a martyr operation in Poli Alam city, the capital of Logar province. According to the reports, a Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate, Hafiz Ajmal slammed his vehicle filled with explosive into a large number of Arbakis gathered in a meeting in the provincial capital of logar province on Tuesday at about 1:00 p.m. local time. No civilians have been harmed as the area assigned to the posts of Arbakis where the civilians are not allowed.

BAGHLAN, June 25 – The Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen have chased the enemy forces out of four areas of Andarab district of northern Baghlan province after four days of fighting. The joint enemy forces came to the areas to plot ground offensive against Mujahideen but met strong attacks causing the enemy to face a defeat. As many as 14 puppets of ANA and ANP have been killed with several dozen more wounded over the past four days, where some 7 enemy’s military vehicles have been destroyed.

HELMAND, Jun. 26 – A landmine placed near the compound of Haji La’l Muhammad near Sangin district bazaar blew apart an ANA tank at 10:00 pm last night, killing all 5 puppets onboard.

HELMAND, Jun. 26 – A USZ-Nato tank patrolling in Sangin district’s Reigyano area behind Peich outpost was blown apart by a landmine 11:00 pm last night, killing all 6 terrorist invaders on-board.

HELMAND, Jun. 26 – Explosives tactically placed by Mujahideen at the ambush area of hireling troops in Mardari Gari area of Marjah district were detonated by Mujahideen last night at 09:00 pm, instantly killing 5 puppets on the spot and severely wounding 2 others.

KANDAHAR, Jun. 25 – 8 local police have repented their mistakes and joined up with Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Ghorak district today due to the efforts of Call and Guidance/Recruitment Commission of Islamic Emirate. Their details are as follow:
Jumma Khan S/O Abdul Manan from Dedak area, Faizullah S/O Haji Abdul Manan and Atta Muhammad S/O Abdul Kareem from Ghorak Karez area, ‘Ainul Haq S/O Mullah Abdul Ali from Shah Karez area, Abdul Raheem S/O Haji Abdul Hakeem, Ali Ahmad S/O Haji Nur Muhammad from Koh Kak area, Izzatullah S/O Amir Hamza from Kurkhabad area and Gul Ahmad S/O Muhammad Afzal from Surkhabad area. It is worth reminding that 4 other local police including their commander also surrendered to Mujahideen in the same district yesterday.

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