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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Obama Begs Russia for Peace after Syria War Goes Nuclear

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American president Barack Obama

A new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today is confirming that United States President Barack Obama met in secret with top Russian Military Commanders at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio) last week and “begged for peace” as he voiced his “personal fears” that he may be unable to restrain his nations war profiteers and banksters from starting World War III in Syria.

According to this report, the Russian military commanders visited by Obama were at Wright Patterson Air Force Base due to their annual inspection tour of American nuclear sites as part of the Open Skies Treaty and were “shocked” when the American President requested to board their Tupolev Tu-154 LK-1 aircraft for a “private conference” he could be assured would be “accurately portrayed” to President Putin.

Important to note is that Putin on 17 May issued his “all-out war alert” over Syria, ordered thousands of Russian military forces pre-staged to invade this Middle Eastern nation in the event of Western intervention, and ordered Russia’s nuclear submarines to the southern hemisphere.

The escalating actions behind Putin’s war moves against the West, this report continues, were the 2 May sinking by a Syrian Naval patrol boat of a German built nuclear armed submarine operated by the government of Israhell named Dakar that went down with “all hands lost” and the Israhelli nuclear armed cruise strike against Damascus two days later on 4 May in retaliation that killed an estimated 380 Syrian military personal and civilians.

Iran’s official news agency Press TV in reporting on this escalating war in their article titled “1st Super-Governmental World War Begins” further stated:
Today, Israhelli’s awakened to a new world. Syria has a fully operational S-300 air defense system that covers, if they desire, not just much of Lebanon but most of Israhell as well.

Israhell awakened with its “pants around its ankles.”
How Israhell really struck against the S-300 System
Yesterday, The Daily Beast, a “Newsweek” publication owned by Jane Harmon, a former member of Congress who left office after accusations of spying for Israhell, printed a story claiming President Obama ordered a “no fly zone” over Syria.

One hour later, the government ordered Harmon’s publications to print a retraction.

Today, Syria has its own “no fly zone.”

We are in a nuclear war already
As it is with war, the first victim is truth. The first real salvo was May 4th nuclear attack on Syria, one so obvious it is undeniable.

The American press is continually filled with one wildly inaccurate and conspiratorial monstrosity after another, each one quickly proven false. The stories that are proven true, the Syrian rebels’ “rape squads” kidnapping and murdering young women and girls in the occupied zones of Syria are censored.
Ah, but it isn’t rape when Saudi Wahhabists have issued “three-day marriages” that they say shield rebel rape gangs from the deserved stonings as required by real Koranic law.

Stories of kidnappings, of entire Christian villages slaughtered by Al Qaeda affiliates aligned with the rebel “National Council” are suppressed also as are confirmed stories of chemical weapons use by Chechen mercenaries working with the CIA and Al Qaeda against the Damascus government.

Battle lines are being drawn
Lines have been drawn, a war is now officially afoot, but a war like no other. The “allies” are led by Russia under Vladimir Putin. Today’s world struggle brings Russia to the forefront for the first time, openly at odds with her own Zionist oligarchs.

To add further context to this Syrian war spiraling out of control towards World War II, Press TV in their article “Banksters Attack Syria To Enslave America” also said:
“Israhell bombs Syria and threatens Iran. Russia moves its warships into the Mediterranean, and furnishes Syria with advanced anti-aircraft weapons. Hezbollah defends Syria against al-Qaeda. Pro-Israhell US Senators like John McCain join forces with al-Qaeda.

What is really going on here? Who is fighting whom, and why? Will Syria become the flash point for World War III?

Is the West attacking the Islamic world in a “clash of civilizations”? Then why are the Israhelli and American governments backing al-Qaeda in Syria?

The old narratives no longer make sense.

The real war isn't between nations, civilizations, or religions.

The real war is the bankers' war to conquer the entire world.

In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins explained how it works. The bankers use their control of currency to impose debt slavery on individuals as well as nations. They force nations to accept loans that are impossible to pay back - by design. The bankers use the resulting bankruptcy and/or “restructuring agreements” to seize control of those nations and their resources.

If a nation's leader refuses to obey the bankers - as in the cases of Venezuela and Iran - that leader, or nation, is put on the bankers' “hit list.” That nation becomes a target for regime change, whether by assassination, coup d'état, a bought or stolen election, or outright invasion.

The bankers use the military and intelligence services of the nations they control to attack and subvert the nations they do not control. They also use their own private armies and intelligence services to subvert all nations.

Thus the war on Syria is not an American war on Syria, an Israhelli war on Syria, an al-Qaeda war on Syria, a Qatari war on Syria, a Turkish war on Syria, or a Saudi war on Syria. It is a bankers' war on Syria.”

The highly respected American antiwar activist and author Justin Raimondo has further raised the alarm about this conflict in his editorial titled “Are We On the Brink of World War III?” by stating: “Several commentators have pointed to the similarities between the pre-World War I era and our own. While every historical analogy is, by definition, inexact, they are right to raise the alarm.”

To if Obama will be able to constrain those in his country advocating for all-war is not known, other than to note that the American people continue to be the most ill informed peoples on Earth about how close to World War III they really are.
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