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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The benevolent Islamic system of governance - Hazrat Umar r.a's Khilafah

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Hazrat Omer was appointed as as a Khalifa in August 634 while he was martyred in 644. He ruled for ten years. He is known to the greatest ruler in the world after Prophet(S.A.W.W). The Islamic state under his khilafat occupied an area of 5.8 million square kilometers (more than seven times the size of Pakistan), but his greatness is not due to the expanse of land but due to the foundation of the system of government that he laid which is always applicable no matter what the situations are.

General Principles of his System:
Self Responsibility:
Hazrat Omer (R.A) knew his responsibilities very well, He did not call himself a Ruler but a servant of the common people. He never wanted to become a Khalifa and once he said that he is holding his post because Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A) wanted him to become a Khalifa and due to respect he could not refuse him. By his own example Hazrat Omer (R.A) set the example for the head of the states to be the most humble servant of the common man. Once few camels ran away into the dessert and He himself went to look for them, A companion asked him that he should have given this task to slave, on this Hazrat Omer (R.A) replied:
"Am I not the most humble of all the slaves"
Once He said:
"Omer(R.A) will be held responsible if a dog at the bank of Dajlah dies of hunger"
This is extreme Humbleness. Unlike the Ex-President of Pakistan, Mr.Musharaf once said that if the pulses are expensive people should eat Chicken!!

For Hazrat Omer(R.A), all the citizens of the state were equal, He did not care if anybody was rich or poor.He used to walk in the streets of Madina in disguise of a poor person to know the real problems of the citizens. Once the Governor of Azerbaijan, made a palace for him and reported to him. Hazrat Omer(R.A) in his reply expressed displeasure on this and said that a man living in Hijaz has no right to own a house in Egypt. He ordered that governor to instantly convert that house into a public building.

This is a well-known quote that, Charity begins at home, Hazrat Omer(R.A) was a perfect practical example of this quote. He inflicted double punishment for drinking wine on his son. He was extremely vigilant and harsh about the governors he appointed. Every important office holder of the state had to submit the list of his property, at the time of his appointment and at the time of his leaving the office.
Every Governor had to take oath on four things before he would assume his duties:
=> He will not ride a Turkish horse.
=> He will not wear thin and delicate cloth.
=> He will not use refined cloth.
=> He will not set a gatekeeper at his door.
=> He will not use refined wheat.
Commonest of the citizens were free to make complains to the highest of the government functionaries.

Supremacy of LAW:
Very honest and pious people were appointed as QAZIS (Judges), They were handsomely paid. Once Hazrat Omer(R.A) had to appear in the court. The judge offered him the seat. Hazrat Omer(R.A) said "This is the first injustice you have done", saying this he removed him from the seat of the Qazi.

Freedom of Expression:
Careless and biased to some rubbish ideology have portrayed Hazrat Omer as a harsh and cruel person.. No doubt he was very harsh in establishing the supremacy of law. He gave a complete freedom of expression to his citizens and everybody had the right on object on any of his actions. Once a person raised objection on the length of his shirt in a public meeting, somebody tried to silent the objective, Hazrat Omer(R.A) said, "Let his speak, if people do not criticize us they are of no use, if we do not listen to them we are of no use"
Rights of minorities:

Hazrat Omer(R.A)'s treatment with the non-Muslims was exemplary. Once Muslims made a mosque forcefully on a house which belonged to a christian. Hazrat Omer ordered the demolition of the part of house which belonged to the Christian.
Hazrat Omer(R.A) made a system that will be an example for the times to come. He was the pioneer and innovator of the system like:
=> Population census
=> Division of country into provinces and administrative divisions
=> Appointment of government functionaries and official and their accountability by the head of the state
=> Posting of tax collector(Sahib-ul-Kharaj) in each province
=> Appointment of police Chief(Sahib-ul-Ahdath)
=> Appointment of the Secretary(Katib)
=> Appointment of the Finance Minister(Sahib-ul-Bait-ul-Maal)
=> Appointment of Qazis in all provinces
=> Establishment of a Divan(Secretariat) to maintain the account of the salaries and financial assistance paid to the soldier and families of the mujahideen.
=> Establishment of standing Army and system of assigning ranks to the officers and soldiers.
=> Establishment of Military cantonments known as 'Jund' as important strategic places.

After discussing all this, even a brainless would come to learn the Islamic system of Khilafat is the most outstanding system of governance for all nations of the world. It is perpetually applicable and reliable due to its futuristic approach. Unfortunately there still exist some dumb secular creatures who whine that Khilafat is an out-dated system and it cannot be used in present times. Mr.Dogs you should know that the system you people want i.e the western DemoCRAZY is more or less based on the system given by Hazrat Omer(R.A). Rather this system is more advanced than the western DemoCRAZY!! In this system the power actually lies in the hands of the common man, not in the circle of few Jew Elites and Occults. This system is based on Qur'an and Hadith not on the Kaballa!!

عقل ھے تیری سِپَر، عشق ھے شمشیر تیری
میرے درویش، خلافت ھے جہانگیر تیری

 جلالِ بادشاہی ھو یا جمہوری تماشا ھو
جُدا ھو دیں سیاست سے تو رہ جاتی ھے چنگیزی



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