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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Americans experiencing the bitter taste of failure: Afghan Taliban

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Wallowing in a devilish arrogance, the Americans and George W. Bush conceitedly ordered military attack on Afghanistan a decade ago. Bush boasted that he would win the war in Afghanistan; remove the writ of the Islamic Emirate and replace it with a model democracy. Ten years have passed since then. The American governments under the presidency of G. Bush and B. Obama left no stone unturned to obtain their objectives in Afghanistan. But they are still to achieve their goals either in the military field or the civilian’s notwithstanding execution of various plans, deployment of 150,000 troops and utilization of the air force and the economic power despite that they have had the political support of the world. Neither they have been able to establish a credible regime in Afghanistan which enjoys a complete writ at least in the capital Kabul nor they are able to extend it a few kilometers from the proximity of the provincial centers.

As for the military front, so far various long- term and short-term strategies of the Americans have faced failure. Many military operations and endeavors launched by them have had no achievement, particularly, their efforts in the last two years achieved no tangible results, though they were focused on regaining the lost areas, protecting populated areas and turning the tide of the battle. They had announced the current spring as a parameter for the display of their success. But, in comparison to the previous springs, Mujahideen carried out successful operations this spring. Another conspiracy of the enemy to form militias also faced frustration at the country level except in a few localities. As to the civilian sector, the Kabul sitting Administration suffices to be produced as an evidence for the failures of the Americans in this sector. The Administrations is now reputed all over the world for rampant corruption, internal squabbling, recrimination and crisis. Though it is projected as an achievement of democracy framed and formed by the Americans, but the Kabul Administration is grappling with queer problems which have no precedence in the history of Afghanistan and the world. The Government apparatus is entangled in squabbling over the insoluble issue of dispensation of privileges.

The outcome of the elections which were held almost a year ago, is hanging in the air. Key figures of the government are fleeing abroad after committing embezzlement and corruptions and announce their resignation from there. International observers believe that the Americans are facing despondency and frustration because of the failure of their political project. They would have continued their military operations, if they were certain that they would be able to bring about an acceptable Administration. But the past decade showed that the enemy is completely disappointed about the non-availability of an efficient Administration and do not aspire to have one in future. This is why they want to end the war. It is worth mentioning that dissemination of foreign culture and eradication of local culture and religious values is one of the main goals of invasions. The Americans have made great endeavors in this sector. They have established various audio and video outlets and succeeded to an extent to influence the minds of the Afghan youths. But generally speaking, the Afghans are committed to their beliefs and religious values. They are still dedicated to their religion, country and culture and look on the Americans as invaders.

In view of the above reality, The Almighty Allah has slapped failure and humiliation on the Americans and their Allies in their every colonialist plan and program, phase by phase, whether it is the military front or political or some other sectors. Predictably, they will not have any advancement in the said fields in future as well. Therefore, it is rational for them to pave the way for the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan like the Russian invaders did previously, being empty-handed and handicapped.

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