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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BLA - Raping Their Way Towards "Freedom"

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Poor BLA victim Rehana Baloch
On January 20th, 2013, the India-UK backed Terrorist Organization Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the house of Qasim Baloch at pre-dawn time in Wahsuk district Basima as they were looking to abduct him. Upon their resistance the attackers first beat him down, tied his hands and savagely raped his sister Rehana Baloch right in front of him.

Reportedly 5 armed men from BLA raped Rehana Baloch while her brother Qasim Baloch was forced to watch. What came next was even more barbaric as the terrorists then shot her 3 times in her chest and killed her in Cold Blood. They then also killed Qasim before leaving their house.

The BLA claimed responsibility for the Brutal Murder of both siblings after terming Qasim Baloch to be an informer of Pakistan Army. They reminded the natives that they will face the same consequences if they choose to support the government, which they consider a treachery against what they term a Baloch freedom struggle.

This is how they are artificially manufacturing consensus for separatism by cowing the Baloch down with terror and Mass Murder. Take a good look at what those implacable, irreconcilable beasts did to Rehana. This is a preview of the “freedom” that BLA has to offer to the Baloch people.

The sad part of the whole story is that no Chief Justice or Chief Minister took notice of this case because the entire state machinery of Pakistan seems to be working for the forces that want to break up Pakistan into bits and pieces, thus facilitating the terror activities by turning a blind eye towards such massive tragedies while taking suomotu notices on two bottles of whisky at airport and abolishing capital punishment against Al-Qur'an 2:178, 2:179, 2:194 and 17:33.

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