Pakistan Cyber Force: 33 USZ, 4 German soldiers killed - 3 tanks destroyed - 4 Logistical vehicles siezed in Afghanistan - Death toll hits 290 in Jan

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Monday, January 31, 2011

33 USZ, 4 German soldiers killed - 3 tanks destroyed - 4 Logistical vehicles siezed in Afghanistan - Death toll hits 290 in Jan

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According to reports coming from officials of Maiwand district, at least 12 USZ invaders entered a booby trapped house (Shahghasi Kala) yesterday afternoon which was rigged with IED's in Garmawok area. As soon as they stepped foot inside that house, a powerful explosion took place in which the house was completely destroyed, killing all the American invaders inside and burying them under the collapsed building. The limbs of the invaders are still scattered around the blast scene.

Allied tank burning in Afghanistan

On the other hand, according to the reports arriving from Nad Ali district, Taliban Mujahideen have been battling USZ soldiers in Si Waik Gharbi area since yesterday when the invaders tried to carry out a search and shoot operation. Officials add that a USZ terrorist tank was obliterated by an IED during the fighting at 07:00 pm yesterday, killing all 4 terrorist soldiers inside it. Additionally, 9 cowardly American terrorists received their tickets to hell in the fighting which started at 05:00 pm yesterday and was still going on till today morning. A Mujahid was injured and another martyred (may Allah grant him Janah) in the battle.

Earlier yesterday, some 4 German soldiers received their tickets to hell when a bomb struck their military vehicle in northern Afghanistan. It happened when a tank carrying German soldiers was hit by the blast in Kunduz province on Saturday. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying four German troops were killed.

Later on yesterday, Taliban Mujahideen attacked a military and logistical convoy of American terrorists in Shah Wali Kot district’s Soznyano area while it was on its way to Uruzgan province. In the attack, 2 USZ tanks were destroyed and all 8 USZ soldiers inside these two tanks were killed on the spot. Another 4 logistical vehicles were seized by the Mujahideen. Locals from the area say that the wreckage of the tanks are still lying at the battle scene.

The total allied death toll has climbed to 290 (253 + 33 + 4)  in January 2011 alone with this bloody weekend for the allied forces in Afghanistan. Taliban continue to warn the invader terrorists to leave Afghanistan but it seems that the imperial powers are hastily running towards their graves in the Graveyard.

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