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Monday, August 22, 2011

Qatari Hollywood And The Mercenary Invasion of Tripoli

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It’s no longer a surprise that a media war is being waged against Gaddafi and Libya by the American Zionist chain of Media Gangsters. In March, all news were breaking and highly contradicting towards each other. A month passed until Libyans finally learned to disprove the lies, but while the news themselves grew relatively neutral, a new wave of misinformation was being prepared. It arose in global media approximately on 15th of August, when a Saudi Arabia newspaper Asharq Alawsat told that Gaddafi is allegedly ill and ready to leave the country. Saudis, mortal enemies of Muammar Gaddafi, were, of course, such a reliable source, that all other papers followed.

News you will never hear from BBC or CNN: your taxes spent on mercenaries that kill women and children in a country that never posed a threat to Europe or USA.
In the same time news channels were choking with new victories of the insurgency. It looked like it took CIA-backed rebels and AL-CIA-DA mercenaries a couple of hours to occupy a city, making poor Moussa Ibrahim steam from his ears, proving to journalists that it is virtually impossible. All this show was a careful preparation for the main course – the taking of Tripoli. But in spite of mercenaries parachuted from Misurata to the south, despite attempts to cut the road from Tunisia, despite the insurgents’ zerg rush on all fronts, much of the rebel success remained on the screen. And cities cannot be taken by illusion. Therefore, NATO decided to pursue the most risky way: beginning the ground operation.

To cover it up and in the same time spread chaos and panic among Libyans, a set of Tripoli’s Green Square, Bab al-Azizya and several streets was constructed in Doha, Qatar, and videos of successful uprising in Tripoli and its takeover by the rebels were being made. The directors used the same stratagem that their civilian counterparts in Vietnam War movies: to draw their supposed victories. On the 20th of August, Twitter, the major supplier of nonexistent witnesses came to life, like a shelled hornet nest. Rebels reported about fights in the city center – with smartphones in the free hand, no doubt. Some have gone further and managed alone to fully capture the west of the city. With the blessings of the almighty Photoshop, pictures of CIA-backed rebels and AL-CIA-DA mercenaries against Tripoli and Zawya were shown.

Fake vs Real Bab Al' Azizia

Fake vs Real Bab Al' Azizia - Another comparison
Making sure that the February script goes according to plan, and the audience does not seem to mind, the forces of democracy gave a sign to the “moles”, long located in the capital and waiting for this day. The saboteurs ran recorded sounds of battle through speakers of the mosques, to mislead the citizens and give reporters the reason to write about the “audible gunfights and explosions”. Simultaneously, dozens of armed people from Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt leaked to several areas of the city, shooting and threatening Libyans. Several Apaches flew in and bombed. The premier of the Qatari film failed at the box office, and the saboteurs were quickly dealt with, but they turned out to be a distraction. NATO marines and mercenaries were arriving from the sea in small fast boats.

The slaughter began. Within 11 hours, 1300 innocent civilians were killed in Tripoli, and 5000 injured, as French Foreign Legion and AL-CIA-DA cut their way through. All this time, the bombings continued non-stop. Three Apaches flew over the city, firing their miniguns. The gangs of AL-CIA-DA were burning houses, looting shops and assaulting every woman in sight. Any prominent supporter of Gaddafi was targeted and their houses attacked first. The number of gangs is still increasing right now, coming in from the sea in the small NATO crafts, and directed by the Special Forces of all the aggressor Zionist puppet nations. Right now, the situation is unclear due to power cuts and informational blockade.

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